Latest update

We will be rolling out Office 365 to all staff connected to our network soon with brand new versions of office applications you currently use. 

This will support mobile and flexible working across the Council and also enable collaboration with Office 365 users across our partner organisations. 

But first of all we will need you to complete a short online survey providing us with key information on:

  • Your location 
  • The drives you have access to 
  • Applications i.e. SWIS, Integra, Capita 
  • The devices you have i.e. mobile phone, tablet, laptop 

Please complete the survey by Thursday 19 March. 

Tommy Evans, Project Lead for Office 365 said: “Following on from a successful proof of concept we are now in the position to roll out Office 365 to all staff connected to our network.

“This will take place over the coming months but I would urge all staff to complete the online survey as the information you provide will help us make sure your transition to Office 365 go as smoothly as possible.”