Latest update

Following the First Minister's announcement on Monday, 23 March, if you work for an essential council service and are fit, have no underlying health conditions, are not pregnant or self-isolating or sick, you have to come to work.

During these challenging times we must continue to support our communities as now, more than ever, they rely on the services that your skills and experience help us provide. You are their lifeline.

If you work in social work, you are helping to protect our vulnerable children, adults and older people by ensuring they get the food, medicine and essential care they need.

If you work in education, you now play a vital role in helping NHS and care workers continue to do their jobs; by attending work you are helping our nurses and doctors focus their time on fighting coronavirus.

Across the Council, there are a great many more employees carrying out other essential roles. Some examples include our tradespeople in Building & Maintenance, refuse collectors in Waste, Catering & Cleaning staff in schools and employees keeping our crematorium open.

By continuing to carry out and support these essential services you are helping to keep our communities running.

We want to thank you all for your continued commitment and dedication. You are all doing an amazing job in extremely difficult circumstances.