This is an unprecedented time and it is important that we all work together to get through this and provide the care and support needed by our service users; many of whom are very vulnerable. 

We have reducing staff levels and we need employees to work with us in the areas of highest demand.  Whether this is your core job or not, you may be someone who has key skills to help us in this area.

Employees hold transferable skills from their current role and with the right guidance and training could support, in a safe way, essential services to maintain the wellbeing and safety of people relying on our services.  We are looking for employees to come forward and help support the delivery of frontline essential services for vulnerable people and groups in our residential and community settings.

We appreciate this is a time of great concern and anxiety for all involved.  We know that some of you are keen to help in any way that you can. You may be uncertain about whether you have sufficient skills and experience to provide personal care.  Many of you may have experience in a caring role but feel it’s out of date or that you need more training.   You may have experience of working directly with service users but not specifically in a caring role.  You may also have concerns about your safety and wellbeing when providing care in this current time. 

To help you consider this change, we have developed some information to show what this will mean if you would like to volunteer.