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The bi-annual testing of Grangemouth’s Community Warning System will take place on Wednesday 3rd June at 7pm.

The system, operated by Grangemouth Industrial Complex’s Major Incident Control Committee (MICC), will broadcast warning tones and verbal instructions to the public to ensure they are aware of how to react in the unlikely event of an incident at one of the member companies’ sites.

The test will involve activating the MICC alarm masts situated at various locations in and around Grangemouth.

The town’s residents and visitors will not be required to take any action when the system is activated at that time.

In the unlikely event of an actual emergency taking place during the test, the transmission via the Community Warning System will clearly indicate such an event and the public should “Go in, Stay in and Tune in”.

MICC chairman, Derek Brown said: ‘’The MICC companies [Grangemouth Industries] remain committed to public safety, especially during these unprecedented times. The testing of the Community Warning System is just one aspect of our on-going training and exercising programme. The twice-yearly testing of the Warning System is conducted to provide assurance that we can communicate with the people of Grangemouth, in the unlikely event of a major incident at any one of the MICC operator’s facilities within the area.

“Throughout the year, MICC member companies in Grangemouth work with the emergency services and Falkirk Council to train and exercise our staff to ensure we are fully equipped to deal with a wide range of different scenarios.

“We encourage everyone in the Grangemouth community to ensure that they know what to do should an emergency happen.”

For more information, please visit the MICC webpage

MICC is a partnership comprised of representatives from Falkirk Council, emergency services and the various operators of the major industrial sites in Grangemouth.