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When a Council heating engineer heard an elderly tenant hadn’t left her house for six weeks, and was relying on neighbours to buy her essentials, he knew something had to be done to help.

After finishing the emergency repair he’d been called out to, Euan Johnston popped to the shops to buy some shopping – and a bunch of flowers – to drop at her front door.

The elderly resident – who did not want to be named – was bowled over by his kindness and his offer to keep in touch every few days to ensure she had everything she needed.

Giving a helping hand

“It was really hard to hear her story", said Euan, who works for the Council’s Building & Maintenance Division.

“She hadn’t been over the front door for such a long time and was relying on neighbours to bring her essentials.

“At times like this we have to all pitch in and be there for one and other. Offering to provide a helping hand was the right thing to do.” 

Since their first meeting, Euan has kept his promise and calls the elderly resident every few days, stopping by with shopping when needed and for a quick, socially distanced chat.

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