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Pictured: Just some of our mechanics with two of the vehicles they've worked on during lockdown.

Keeping vehicles used by frontline services in tip top condition has been the priority of Fleet Services during lockdown.

Over the past nine weeks, the 20-strong team has carried out nearly 100 services and MOTs and dealt with 110 breakdowns as well as general repairs.

They’ve also completed a wide range of other vital work on essential council vehicles - from pool cars used by Homecare to bin lorries, HGVs, vans, plant, and more.

Mechanic at work

Pictured: Mechanic Alex McQuiston carries out an 8 week inspection of a bin lorry.

Like other services, dealing with the current restrictions hasn’t been easy. Social distancing has significantly reduced the number of mechanics that can be in the Dalgrain Depot workshop at any one time. Lockdown has also had an impact on suppliers and dealers, making it harder to source some parts.

Mechanic at work 2

Pictured: Mechanic Davie Dick prepares to do some welding repair.

But the teams’ can-do attitude has shone through, with mechanics coming in to work even when they aren’t on call to ensure essential services that are reliant on vehicles can continue to support our communities.  

Fleet Co-Ordinator, Laura Campbell, said:

“The team know how important it is to keep council vehicles on the road at this time

“They've totally changed how they work in the workshop and are on call to come in and help at a drop of a hat.

“The whole team is working exceptionally hard to ensure vehicles are fixed and back on the road quickly.

“They’re truly wonderful. I am immensely proud of them all.”