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COTF projects & our recovery

Enabled Communities (virtual meeting of the board - May 26th)

  • All projects have a significant impact on our recovery
  • Positive relationships built during lockdown will help ensure projects are on the right path
  • Advice Spokes & Hubs highlighted as a good example of how technology and doing things differently has ensured the right support has been given to those most in need
  • Empowering employees, communities and third sector partners has removed significant barriers that will help us do things differently moving forward

Digital (virtual meeting of the board - June 5th)

  • Lockdown has advanced the aims of our digital strategy
  • Revised strategy out for consultation to ensure capture the leaps we have made i.e. enabling an increasing number of employees to work from home

Transformational Enablers (virtual meeting of the board  - June 9th )

  • Many projects central to recovery, not least Anytime Anywhere (AA)
  • AA board expanded to include all services to ensure we safely get employees back to work, whether that be at home, in an office or a depot or out in our communities
  • Lessons to be learnt from how schools operate on their return
  • Strategic Property Review and Green Travel Plan alongside Climate Change are inextricably linked to recovery
  • Need to be ensure discussions are ambitious and we learn from the current situation

Services of the Future (virtual meeting of the board - June 18th)

  • Clear two projects – Roads & Ground and Investing in Inclusive Growth will contribute to recovery and savings
  • Both may need additional support in relation to their sprint teams
  • SRO stressed need to ensure the Council does not revert to old ways that undermine transformation

Entrepreneurial (virtual meeting - tbc)

  • Number of potential projects were put forward at listening events etc but currently workstream has no live projects
  • Need to get an up-to-date picture of the commercialisation opportunities other councils are currently investigating

COTF projects & savings

  • Council is in extreme financial difficulty particularly given the impact of COVID-19 costs
  • Savings of magnitude need to be flushed out quickly
  • Projects need to provide significant savings
  • Need full blown commitment to achieve clear deliverables so projects can be held to account by April next year
  • Workstream boards need to challenge current projects and identify those that will provide tangible returns – new or existing
  • If projects weren’t going to make savings targets pre-COVID, Senior Responsible Owners (SRO) need to find out why
  • SROs need to work with PMs to identify linkages and opportunities i.e. are there digital opportunities that might lessen the burden of commissioned care to support our young people? Enabled Communities – how can we enable them do more for themselves and unlock cashable savings?

Change Fund

  • Current bids stand at £873k but only £500k available through Change Fund
  • Submissions need to clearly articulate resource and return
  • Applications need to support transformation and add value
  • If resources are committed savings need to be made


  • Consideration needs to be give to the capital investment required for next year
  • There is an opportunity to re-consider previous bids that have a digital element
  • Workstreams need feed into the process early and dovetail with broader capital exercise 

Date of next meeting - tbc