Projects & Recovery


  • All projects should look at activities that have not been completed during lockdown and consider whether these should be resumed.
  • Focus must be on enabling communities and ensuring they are included as partners in the recovery plan
  • Consideration to be given to whether any projects can be accelerated or new projects identified.

Closer to Communities

  • Closer to Communities and Locality Planning need to be merged.
  • A positive and responsive collaboration with partners and 3rd sector during COVID-19 to meet the needs of communities needs to be built on.
  • Project to be rescoped.

Closer to Home

  • Existing 7 projects have been delayed as a result of COVID-19.
  • Emergency accommodation has incurred expenditure for looked after children and will impact the budget savings.

Succeed Today Excel Tomorrow 

  • Existing Education program ties directly to recovery plan. 
  • Connected Falkirk awarded Year 1 capital to expand digital equality and infrastructure for all education.
  • Level of digital learning has been phenomenal during COVID-19.
Advice Hubs & Spokes
  • Central hub at a critical decision point.  Project Scope needs to be reviewed taking into account the change in service delivery model implemented during COVID-19.

Change Fund

  • 3 Projects have requested support from the Change Fund.
  • Requests to be formalised by completing Change Fund Bid Template.
  • Bids must articulate a clear return on investment.


  • All projects to consider any new capital requirements and prepare submission for end of June
  • Succeed Today Excel Tomorrow – Plan being prepared for next 5 years. Match funding available from Scottish Govt. Report being prepared for Executive Committee for last week in June.

Date of next meeting: June 24th