Latest update

Digital Projects & Recovery

Rock Solid Technology

  • Office 365 rolled out to 100 users, next stage with be roll-out to PTT staff. Huge benefits in collaboration and communication. Teams will be our default video conferencing tool, not Webex.
  • Liquid Logic – project has stalled. Project Plan to be finalised. Resources are challenging due to COVID-19.
  • Devices – plan to have a “kit” that meets needs of mobile and flexible working – e.g. Laptop, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor.

Integrated Resource Management System (IRMS)

  • Lockdown forced us in to a different direction to solve the problem of access to payslips for all employees. A solution was found internally, this shows that we can consider different ways of taking actions to support the recovery plan.
  • Now have a draft Businesses Intelligence strategy, report being drafted to outline next steps.
Analogue to Digital
  • Entered into phase of user testing prior to lockdown. Technical problem has arisen with BT phone lines, looked at alternative suppliers to resolve issue.
  • Supporting pupils at a distance is now a key driver. C.18,000 devices to be distributed to support learning. Sprint team are working with schools on tailored plans and staff development. Procurement phase ongoing.


  • Discussions ongoing with existing supplier. Working with SPR team and IT to identify potential location for CCTV hub. Project Plan being developed and moving forward.

Digital Strategy

  • Feedback has been received on Draft Digital Strategy. This will be reviewed and needs to be seamlessly linked to our recovery plan. Priorities and ambitions will be reviewed. Going to members after summer recess.

Change Fund

  • Bid for Connected Falkirk Sprint Team is being developed.
  • Potential Change Fund bids for Delivering Modern and Digital Services to be considered.


  • There will be a capital bid for mobile and flexible working kit
  • Potential further bids related to Office 365 and projects that may lead on from Office 365

Key Messages

  • Digital work over the last 3 months has demonstrated our flexibility and commitment to “get on with it”.
  • Digital will be key to recovery and there can be no return to business as usual after lockdown as we must continue to broaden our horizons to the art of the possible.

Date of next meeting: to be confirmed