Latest update

A new, five-month reward programme starts this week for employees of Falkirk Council to help get us more active following COVID-19.

Travel Right Falkirk encourages regular and healthy exercise for those working at home as well as promoting the use of ‘active travel’ for those journeying into workplaces.

The programme uses a Smartphone app to record your activities that then lead to points being awarded.

Users gain points for activities such as taking surveys, recording when they take part in walking and cycling and submitting stories about how they have changed their travelling habits.

There is also a competition running between September and November where the Council will be competing against other local organisations.

Your rewards for taking part are High Street shopping vouchers or you can choose to donate them to charity.

To get the app, visit an app store (eg Google Play or Apple App Store) and search for the free BetterPoints app. Use the code TRF222 to register and then use the ‘Challenges’ tab to search for your employer.

Adam Watson, Transport Planning Officer said: “BetterPoints is a great way of changing behaviour that has become a new normal due to COVID-19. It’s fun, you can gain rewards and is a great way of becoming healthier and adopting a more sustainable approach to traveling to work.”

The programme runs until 30 November and for more information visit