Projects & Recovery


  • All projects to press on with recovery plans and ensure all activities are reprioritised in light of lockdown circumstances
  • Focus to remain on transformation and enabling elements to this are to  defined and clearly captured in plans
  • Consideration to be given to whether any projects can be accelerated or new projects identified

Investment for Inclusive Growth

  • Economic Recovery Plan with key priorities on responding, resetting and recovery has been developed and implementation is underway to support local economy
  • UK and SG Government attended Economic Partnership 12 June 2020. Firm commitment remains. Revised decision 2021 with Heads of Terms announcement Autumn 2020

Transformation of Business Support

  • Transformation approach is no longer focused on buildings but on digital priorities for realising savings and efficiencies
  • There is now diversified 1st line support to meet the needs of services. Business support staff now working to multiple skill sets to keep support to essential services going

Transformation of Roads and Grounds

  • Implementation of mobile and flexible working for technical staff so work can be done in a mobile way. New equipment has been received and training continues to ensure all staff can work in this way
  • There is opportunity for a multi skilled technical council workforce for future service provision

Re-design of BMD Services

  • The Home to Work, mobile technology, and vehicle stocking arrangements enabled us to maintain social distancing and safe working practices from day 1 of lockdown
  • Single use and appropriately stocked vans meant that employees were able to attend and undertake essential work safely
  • Mobile technology also enabled employees to go directly to jobs without visiting the depot, again helping to ensure safe working practices.
  • This helped us to:
    • complete over 6,000 emergency repairs during lockdown, to ensure tenants are safe in their homes
    • Provided 100 additional temporary homes for those most in need e.g. the homeless
    • Sourced and stored over 2,000,000 items of PPE
    • Made over 400 deliveries to care and other essential services providers

Change Fund

  • 1 Project has requested support from the Change Fund
  • Bids must articulate a clear return on investment


  • Any projects requiring any new capital requirement to prepare bid for submission

Date of next meeting: July 30th