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£90m is pledged by Scottish and UK governments into Falkirk economy.

Both the Scottish and UK governments have indicated they will invest a total of £90m into Falkirk's economy as part of the Falkirk Growth Deal.

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Councillor Cecil Meiklejohn, Leader of Falkirk Council said: “The offer of £40m growth deal support from the UK Government towards the delivery of the Investment Zone is a step forward.  

The award will be match funded by Scottish Government for £40m as well as an additional £10m for green economy ambitions.

We welcome this offer of support and will work with Scottish and UK Governments to progress this initiative while seeking further assistance to deliver on the full scale of the ambition for our area’s economy.

The award however is relatively low considering our population and large-scale ambitions we have for the area and Grangemouth’s strategic importance to the Scottish and UK economies.

Our plans also included national scale plans such as a transition to a low carbon future and significant reduction in climate change.

The Investment Zone for Falkirk-Grangemouth aims to transform the area’s economic fortunes at a vitally important time especially post COVID-19.

We will continue to push for more funding sources to ensure the vital role the local economy plays in Scotland and further afield is recognised and supported leading to large scale employment opportunities as well as enabling innovation.”