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Being agile, reactive and working as One Council has helped projects in the Services of the Future workstream support our communities and workforce during this crisis.

At the first virtual meeting of the workstream board on June 18th, project managers highlighted the integral role each of their teams has played in our response alongside the lessons learnt that would help us through recovery.

Stuart Ritchie, Senior Responsible Owner of the Council of the Future programme, said: “Recovery doesn’t necessarily mean returning to how we did things in the past. We need to be more aspirational and transformational - and your projects have a significant role in making that happen.”

Providing essential support

From helping thousands of local businesses tap into financial assistance to producing a plan for our economic recovery, Investing for Inclusive Growth has bolstered SME resilience and will play an integral part in supporting local businesses as they recovery.

Key changes made through the Re-design of Buildings & Maintenance Division over the past few years including Home to Work, mobile technology, and digital stock taking - ensured a quick response to over 6000 emergency repairs and helped prepare 100 additional temporary homes for those in need.

As well as providing essential support to frontlines services including Waste and Bereavement Services, the team behind the Transformation of Roads & Grounds has now amalgamated Street Cleansing with Roads & Grounds and introduced mobile & flexible working for several technical staff.

Lockdown shone a light on the work Business Support needs to focus on moving forward and highlighted the work that isn’t a priority. It also helped the team behind Transformation of Business Support realise transformation has to be about the service provided not the building it’s provided from.

It was also made clear the important role Business Support has had supporting other services over the past three months, from being frontline call handlers speaking to businesses in need to ensuring tenants could quickly and easily report emergency housing repairs.

Annemarie Neilson, Chair, and project manager of Transformation of Business Support, said: “We’d taken great strides before lockdown to transform how Business Support operated, ensuring the team was both flexible and adaptable and that has paid off during this crisis.”

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