Digital Projects & Recovery

Rock Solid Technology

  • Office 365 rolled out to 1,354 users, projected to be complete by end of September. One to one support could be offered on particular subjects. Digital Champions are on hand to help. FAQs in development.
  • Yammer is now live with governance to be defined.
  • Liquid Logic – Project has stalled. Project Plan to be finalised. Resources are challenging due to COVID-19.
  • Devices – Survey now out to see what people need to work from home.
  • Rollout of Windows 10 to schools to restart when safe to do so.
  • Cisco IP phone roll out – big sites are now complete. Soft phone option available. 

IRMS Phase 2

  • Looking to invest in a modern BI tool, now considering Power BI
  • Potential proof of concept with Payroll, HR & Finance Data

Analogue to Digital

  • Resolved issue with taking multiple simultaneous calls and now ready to move forward. Penetration testing to take place and business continuity planning is underway.
  • Migration to fully digital telecare may begin by end of the year, will be first large scale deployment in Scotland

Connected Falkirk

  • Sprint Team is in place. Held vision workshops with High Schools, team are paired with school clusters for single point of contact. Standard build for iPads agreed. Working on training and accreditation.
  • School Wi-Fi Connectivity – 4 responses to request for info
  • 750 data bundles for families from Scottish Government to be distributed


  • Looking to test a redeployable camera as a “proof of concept”
  • Working with SPR project team to identify suitable site
  • Keen to have solution that can be enhanced with other software or systems

Artificial Intelligence

  • APIs will do heavy lifting for Revs& Bens Change of Address process
  • Project scope to be expanded beyond current scope of Revs and Bens as costs are prohibitive for a single project

Digital Falkirk

  • Feedback has been incorporated to latest draft of Digital Falkirk document
  • Will go to Council of the Future Board then September Executive


  • New over-arching project to be scoped for Connectivity.
  • Various strands e.g. CCTV, Town Centres, Communities, training issues etc.
  • Need to ensure connectivity is inclusive rather than exclusive

Key Messages

  • Digital workstream and strategy are key features of Business Plan and Recovery Plans
  • Clear links with Capital programme requirements
  • Fundamental to what the Council will look like over the next 2 to 3 years

Date of next meeting: TBC