Community consultation

  • To help us validate our new Corporate Plan priorities, a 4-week Community consultation was undertaken, and 8 Community Conversation focus groups organised.
  • This provided pragmatic feedback from communities – they don’t expect us to do everything, but they do expect us to be agile and innovative and ‘just get on with things’.
  • This exercise was a stake in the ground re our new approach to consultation and helped us refine our priorities from 5 to 3:
    • Communities
    • Enterprise
    • Innovation
  • By simplifying the priorities, it is very clear what we are going to do moving forward and it also helps us streamline our governance.
  • The results of the consultation have fed into our COTF change programme so our focus is on large scale transformation that will deliver on the needs and wants of our communities (business and employees).
  • The consultation highlighted the real benefit that comes from engaging with our communities, and how their views are needed to ensure our services better meet their needs.
  • Consultation is also about empowering and enabling communities to get involved in change – and it will be fundamental to the rollout of Participatory Budgeting (Community Choices).
  • Community Consultation results are available online.

Digital Falkirk

  • Our refreshed digital strategy, Digital Falkirk, has been created in light of the fact our digital transformation has been put on fast-forward by COVID-19.
  • It uses internal and external lessons learnt to highlight how we will improve across key areas of our business.
  • The strategy is rooted in 6 themes which will support and cross over with other projects in the COTF change programme.
  • The community consultation also highlighted the importance of digital and the fact communities are comfortable to access services online. This is reflected in the framework.
  • Next stage is for this to report to the Emergency Executive for Approval in September.
  • Digital Falkirk can be found online.

Reports going to Council 30 September

  • Reports going Council are interlinked.
  • They will set down our vision, priorities, strategic deliverables, and provide a framework for allocation of resources to ensure priorities are delivered and savings made.
  • The reports are:
    • Corporate Plan
    • Business Plan
    • Financial reports (revenue budget and capital programme)
    • HQ & Arts Centre

Next meeting: October 7th