A new online health & safety system that will make it easier to report workplace incidents is now live.

The  SHE Assure system shreds the need for our current paper-based forms, making it easier for employees to report incidents and access health & safety documents at the touch of a button. 

Michael Durrington, Senior Health, Safety & Wellbeing Advisor, said: "The system brings to life many of the elements of our Digital Strategy. Not only will it modernise our approach to health & safety reporting by moving an important element of what we do online, it will help reduce risk, track actions, improve data quality and, at the same time, empower our workforce.”

Reporting anytime, anywhere

As the system is web-based, devices don’t need to be connected to the Council network and means employees can use either a council or personal device to report an incident - removing some of the barriers currently faced. 

"Now the system is live all employees can report incidents immediately wherever they are and managers will be able to complete incident investigations on the system, rather than handle paper HR14 forms.”

How it all works

This short video has been produced to give everyone a better understanding of how the reporting and investigation process will work,