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Above: Denny Town House - one of the buildings earmarked for closure and disposal

The next step forward in the Council’s new HQ and Arts Centre was approved today at a meeting of the Council’s Executive Committee (17 November).

Proposals were put forward to elected members that have declared six Council owned buildings as ‘surplus to requirement’ and will be disposed of in the following two – three years.

The six buildings are Falkirk Burgh Buildings; Abbotsford House; Rossvail; Denny Town House; Sealock House and Kilns House. This would be in addition to the previously agreed closure of Municipal Buildings.

Options to either sell or demolish the buildings and market the land will be considered with proceeds going to the Council’s budgets or Common Good funds.

Councillor Cecil Meiklejohn, Leader of Falkirk Council said: “These buildings no longer serve as efficient office spaces and in some cases and starting to become highly expensive simply to maintain.

“By disposing of them, we can claim the receipts or put back into Common Good funds that can help our communities.”

The proposals would allow for the relocation of employees to already identified facilities at Falkirk Community Stadium and to Central Park in Larbert. This would be in addition to the new Council HQ and Arts Centre.

The full report can be read online.