Project Progress

Closer to Communities with Community Choices

  • Project being rescoped to include lessons learnt from COVID-19 and include community choices.  Scoping to be completed by 24/12/20

Closer to Home 

  • Project progress reported as amber due to COVID-19 impact.  Phase 2 of the Closer to Home strategy is being finalised.  Challenges around resources to deliver project.

Communities Shaping Falkirk’s Future

  • Project to be fully scoped by 24 December

Succeed Today, Excel Tomorrow (STET)

  • Project Plan being updated
  • PID will be revised to include all dependencies
  • Review with Children’s Services Heads of Service to ensure all service dependencies identified.

Transformation of Roads & Grounds

  • Reported with amber status due to delays in negotiations of T&Cs.

Advice Hubs/Spokes

  • Amber progress status awaiting decision on interim location for Central Hub.  Agreement reached with Elected Members to locate at Falkirk Library.

Redesign of Housing Property

  • Project progressing as planned. Service Design team engaged.  Define/Design and deliver workshops planned for Nov-Jan.


  • All projects to share draft committee papers prepared with workstream board for information and comment
  • Redesign of Housing Property project to share lessons learnt with Transformation of Roads and Grounds for support with trading accounts and T&C negotiations.
  • Reporting – needs to be clear and concise.  Focus on milestone delivery with consistent application of RAG ratings.
  • PMs to consider when Elected Members should have sight of projects to assist budget decision-making.

Key Messages

  • PMs to consider requirements to get projects on track.
  • PMs to review funding needs to deliver project and deliver further benefits.
  • Project documentation to be refreshed ensuring milestones are realistic and achievable.

Next Communities Board: 2 February 2021