Latest update

Project Progress

  • Draft implementation plan has been approved, next step is to consult with communities together with the Succeed Today Excel Tomorrow project team
Connected Communities
  • Four sub projects have been initiated: Connected individuals, Households and Communities, Connectivity, Unified Customer Journey and Hybrid Cloud and Modern Workplace
  • Working with PWC to do analysis, prioritisation and developmental work to automate processes 

Council HQ and Arts Centre 

  • New HQ will reduce silos and modernise office space, new arts centre will replace Town Hall
Fit for the Future
  • Anytime Anywhere – significant changes as a result of COVID-19, many are now working successfully from home. 
  • Nurse pilot scheme implemented in Absence project. 
IRMS Phase 2
  • Business Intelligence Power BI 3 month proof of concept underway with HR Payroll and Finance data
  • Investigating Resourcelink to Talentlink Integration. 
Rock Solid Technology 
  • Liquid logic project is now in the last 6 months, cleansing data for migration, training is ready to go
Office 365
  • Circa 2800 users across the council, some mop up work to do. Training to be offered to senior management Team and PAs etc.
  • Will enable large scale scanning and destruction of paper documents.
Transformation of Customer and Business Support
  • Proposed management structure changes from April, redesign of transactional processes,  support staff will be in fewer buildings, links to Automation and Unified Customer Journey.
CCTV and Digital Alarms Hub
  • New centralised hub based at Block 4, Larbert. Digital telecare alarms monitoring and CCTV monitoring will be integrated. Can bolt on services in the future.
Analogue to Digital Telecare
  • Final testing is looking positive. Next steps are to look at "Bring your own Device" for telecare.

Key Messages

  • Interconnectivity between projects is key – working together to achieve outcomes set out in our Business Plan.
  • The importance of a strong technology and good connectivity was highlighted.?
  • Workstream will build on the transformation that has been accelerated as a result of changes that have been forced by COVID-19 and lockdown.
Next meeting: 3 February 2021