Latest update

Project progress

Climate Change

  • Embed climate change, decarbonisation etc for all areas within the council. £59m capital bid.
  • Links to other WS boards. This will not deliver direct saving but will enable other services to make savings in the future.

Investment Zone/Town Centre

  • Ensuring Town Centre supported, vital especially against the background of COVID-19.
  • This will link into Town Centre regeneration, Investment zone & Employment opportunities.

Growth Deal

  • Not about savings in the short term.
  • Currently in discussions with Scottish and UK Governments around how the £90m will be spent

Economic Recovery

  • About supporting our economy to recover.
  • Develop a suite of support measures via additional funding from Council or Government.
  • Seeking additional funding for future years.
  • Ties in with associated Scotland & UK Government interventions.
  • 2-3-year action plan and will be seeking additional funding.


  • Looks to make savings through reducing the demand on other local services i.e. CJS, etc.
  • Looking at barriers to employment.
  • Links closely with other projects e.g. Child poverty action plan, equalities etc.
  • Supporting SDS and Employment Opportunities.
  • Linking with Procurement to enable clauses around employing local people.
  • New funding in a project with Clacks and Stirling Council & UK Government also Scottish Government Guarantee for young people.

Sustainable Travel

  • Used to be green travel plan, started before COVID-19, changed a good bit after more Working from Home.
  • Also looks at how we travel during work time; how our fleet vehicles should look.
  • Uncertainty with SPR and potential changes soon. We can then develop green travel plan for each unit.

Hydrogen Cell

  • Looking at our fleet and SME fleets and at additional fuel sources in addition to electric vehicles.
  • Aim to be ahead of the curve similar to our EV programme.
  • Unsuccessful in a bid to Scottish Enterprise and Transport Scotland.
  • Links to climate change and Sustainable travel.


  • Entrepreneurial strategy has been developed.
  • Quick Wins element already in place.
  • The aim will be to change mindset as well as drive up income opportunities.

Key Messages

  • Positive to note that the PMs have a strong degree of clarity around the outcomes of their projects.
  • Work ongoing to tighten up PIDs & milestones.
  • Perhaps a need to improve the development of the financial impacts of projects in a robust business case process.

Next Enterprise meeting: 4 February 2021