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We recently asked for suggestions on how we could support our frontline colleagues who continue to work under ever changing pressures during COVID-19. A few suggestions came forward but the best one was put up by Yvonne McBlain who is a curriculum support officer in Children’s Services.

Her idea was simple, easy to put into place and could see dozens of workers teamed up as part of a buddying scheme.

Yvonne explained: “I felt it was a simple but cost and time effective way of boosting the morale of front-line Council employees and those who might be working hard from home. It is easy to feel isolated and under-appreciated as well as stressed when you are operating in either situation

The job description is straight forward - have a “listening ear” and interested in supporting our front-line colleagues by making regular phone contact with as much personal contact as the current restrictions will allow.

If you want to take part, get in touch with Doug Maden from the Organisation Development Team on 07515 331924 offering your support. If you are a front line colleague or know of a colleague who could do with this support then please also give Doug a call or drop your details of name and contact details into the If you would like a buddy from a similar job background to you then add this in.

We don’t want our back-office employees to miss out on the chance of buddying up so please if you would also like to have a buddy then also call Doug to arrange something for you. It doesn’t need to be someone from the same Service.