Workstream Progress (Project progress/Financial Updates)

  • 2 Projects were approved to progress to Gateway 3 at the POP Meeting on 11 June:
    • Analogue to Digital Telecare
    • CCTV
  • 5 projects were approved by the workstream board to progress to Gateway 3 and will be reviewed by the MIH Board/POP Meeting on 25 June.
    • Digital Communities
    • Fit for the Future Automation Business Intelligence
    • Microsoft 365
  • 3 projects require further updates to project workbooks to allow sign off to progress to Gateway 3 by 2 July.
    • Liquidlogic SWIS replacement
    • Office Transformation 
    • Council HQ & Arts Centre

Change Fund Update

  • Digital Communities Programme Coordinator post is now at grading stage Other Change Fund roles have now been recruited to


  • Further meeting to be arranged prior to next scheduled meeting on 21 July if required to confirm progress of the 3 projects not yet approved by the board for progress to gateway 3

Next meeting: 21 July