Latest update

Dashboard - update

  • Updated dashboard builds and strengths the previous PowerPoint dashboard back, given more information than before.
  • In total 27 projects are in Gateway 3 and 3 are in Gateway 1 & Gateway 2
  • 100% of projects in Innovation and Enterprise workstreams are in Gateway 3
  • All but three projects in Communities are in Gateway 3
  • RAG status –
    • 12 projects at Red
    • 2 at Amber
    • 12 at Green
    • 3 not started
  • A roadmap highlighting the milestones for each Priority Project over a three month period has been added.
  • This roadmap highlights what is on track and what is overdue.
  • Risk register: another check and balance needs undertaken to ensure risks and balances are recorded.
  • The dashboard will be presented at COTF programme boards to highlight progress; it will also be reshaped/cut for each Service.
  • The dashboard will be presented at the next workstream boards.

Community Assets & Learning Estate/STET

  • Meeting on 26 July had been postponed to allow for more preparatory work to be undertaken.
  • Session to be rescheduled to take place as soon as possible
  • Following the meeting there needs to be a clear direction of travel, how it will be achieved and when it will move to Gateway 3

Change Fund

  • Job share with COTF finance - job offer issued
  • Council HQ & Arts – project resource – offer accepted
  • Digital – Digital Developer – offer accepted
  • Climate Change – team resource – offer accepted

Reporting dates for all priority projects

  • June
    • Climate Change - complete
  • September
    • Closer to Home
    • Closer to Communities with Community Choices
    • Communities Shaping Falkirk's Future
    • SPR
  • October
    • Digital Communities Transformation of Roads and Grounds
  • November
    • STET
    • Employability
    • Investment Zone
    • Economic Recovery (tbc)

12-month outlook

  • A template will be issued to workstream SROs who will work with PMs to identify:
    • What decisions Elected Members will need to take between now and the election in May 2022
    • Following the elections, what the big issues facing the new council will be
    • To be returned by third week in August.

Zero-based budgeting project (ZBB)

  • Working groups have taken place with transport service leaders
  • Identify potential benefits of the ZBB design process
  • Conversations been held regarding carbon budgeting with Climate Change Team and transport impact
  • w/c 26 July - looking at all budgetary items

Next meeting: 6 Aug