Dashboard - update

  • Three Gateway 1 and 2:
    • Community Assets & Learning
    • ASN Campus
    • Supported Accommodation
  • All other projects in Gateway 3
  • New graph for RAG status: 2 Red, 1 Amber, 24 at Green
  • Predominately, everything is on track
  • Red:
    • Children Shaping Falkirk’s Future (CSFF): other project milestones have moved. This has impacted CSFF’s original milestones. Coupled with the fact the team is only in place for a year, project now being rescoped.
    • Alternative Family Placement: old milestone regarding marketing resource needs to be updated, which will shift the project out of red.
  • Amber:
    • Closer to Communities with Community Choices

Risk and issues:

  • Lot of work been done to align programme risk with corporate risk register:
    • Issue over ownership and rating RAG appropriately
    • Need to ensure workbooks are updated regularly to reflect the current progress of each project
    • Need for buy-in to mainstreaming Community Choices
    • Climate change: capital funding to be identified
  • Milestones and actions that are no longer realistic: guidance need to be developed for workstream boards that highlights how changes to milestones can be made without impacting integrity of workbooks.
  • Project manager and project sponsor responsibilities: sessions needed to nail down responsibilities.  This will be covered off initially at workstream boards.
  • Issues: some PMs do not know about the new dashboard; communication missed by some regarding requirements for up-and-coming report to Executive on COTF. This will be re-sent to all COTF teams.

12-month outlook

  • The template to identify the big decisions EMs will need to take and the issues the new council will face in May needs to be returned by 18 August.

Community Assets & Learning Estate/STET

  • Meeting rearranged to take place on Wednesday, 25 August
  • Any preparatory or discussion papers to be issued to attendees in advance
  • When the meeting takes place, the expectation is a clear outcome of where this is going, how it will be taken forward, and when it will move to Gateway 3.
  • Need to take into account external funding landscape where communities will make decisions on where funding will go. Because of this, need a clear structure to guide us on the way forward for future investment.

Zero based budgeting project (ZBB)

  • Still at discovering stage and scoping going well across working groups.
  • Complete scoping work end of August with a detailed plan to implement ZZB come September.
  • Areas of high spend identified including, hire of vehicles.
  • Looking at Children Service and Transport Planning budgets.
  • Some push back, as people not clear as to why we are doing ZBB.
  • Leadership needs to push the ‘why’ to workstream boards to ensure collaboration and support – as ZBB has to deliver.
  • If buy-in not forthcoming, this will be dealt with directly by leadership because delivery is the key word at the end of the day.
  • Expectation by EMs that ZBB will be rolled out across the Council.
  • A draft programme of ZBB will be reported to Executive later in the year.
  • Employee news article on the launch of ZZB now live.

Next meeting: 20 August