Closer to Communities with Community Choices

  • This is a priority project within the Communities Workstream
  • It's framed by the Corporate Plan commitment that we strive for healthier, stronger and more prosperous communities that are digitally enabled and empowered to make key decisions for themselves
  • The project is is focused on localised decision making and community capacity for engagement.
  • The plan to put this in place is structured around 2 pillars –
    • Community Led Community Development
    • Community Empowerment
    • Asset Transfers
    • Community Choices
  • Project updates will be reported and published on Falkirk Performs

Dashboard – Priority projects

  • Smart Dashboard produced to allow scrutiny on how the change programme is performing.
  • Each project has a RAG status applied by the Programme Management Office, with material risks and issues identified.
  • The roadmap for priority projects is shown for the next 3-month horizon period.
  • Financial targets are in place and factored into the dashboard reporting.
  • Dashboard will be published on Falkirk Performs and is reviewed on a fortnightly basis by POP Team

Priority projects schedule of reporting to Elected Members

  • The schedule of reporting on priority projects has been produced on what’s coming to Elected Members between now and end of year
  • With the exception of Climate Change which reported in June, and has reported to the COTF Board and an Elected Member Seminar earlier this year, all of the priority projects feature on this schedule going to Committee, this Board and flowing through to Elected Member seminars
  • The focus of the committee reports is to seek early Elected Member agreement to progress service transformation and, where applicable, delivery of the consequential savings

Change Fund

  • Progress has been made in making sure the right roles / resource is in place to deliver on the change programme and key priority projects.
  • There are a few roles still to be finalised in terms of recruitment and that’s the Commercial & Self Directed Support roles and the overall programme resource for Suceed Today, Excel Tomorrow. Work is underway to get these roles in situ and the Board will be updated in September on progress

COTF change programme risk register

  • Programme risk register approved

Date of next meeting - 30 September