Dashboard - update

  • A version of the dashboard will go to Executive next week
  • Gateway
    • 27 projects at Gateway 3, with Community Asset & Learning Estate moving to Gateway 3 over the coming weeks
  • Overall RAG status:
    • 3 projects not started – so cannot be RAG'd until moved to implementation
    • 25 at green
    • 3 at red
  • Red
    • Alternative Family Placement: one overdue milestone around marketing. Dates need rescheduled
    • Communities Shaping Falkirk’s Future (CSFF) : project being rescoped, as the extent of work re way of engagement for project has expanded beyond initial understanding
    • Closer to Communities with Community Choices: to move out of red shortly

Risk and issues

  • To be reviewed to make sure each are categorised correctly and mitigation in place
  • Risks:
    • Climate Change: cannot be implemented at the pace required. Action plan approved in June by Executive; potentially in the wrong category.
    • CSFF: linked to above, issues relating to rescoping exercise to get it back on track. Some will be resolved when rescoping is finalised
  • Issues:
    • Connected Falkirk: savings were linked to STET rather than directly to the project. Report will be taken to Education & Young People Executive in September. Timeline device rollout likely to go into 2022 due to international problem in terms of IT equipment.
    • Roads & Grounds: Difficult time ahead for Council and Trades Unions, with potential TU members will be balloted around potential changes


  • The template to identify the big decisions EMs nearly finished.
  • Services to have a final think through the big ticket decisions that will need to be made pre and post May 2022.

Zero based budgeting project (ZBB)

  • Project 1 workbook to be ratified at Enterprise workstream board that will focused on hires and we might get a sizeable prize
  • Challenges re capacity blockers – people being asked to do multiple things
  • PMO and Finance to present realistic options for the rolling ZBB programme, as it is likely to be raised by members next week at Executive
  • Will apply a whole systems approach so methodology is crystal clear so we do not duplicate or miss something

Priority project reports

  • The purpose of these papers is to ask for member decision on the transformative changes for each project and call out the changes should make savings of x, y and z
  • Report needs to be about service delivery changes and the consequential savings - we need to make clear these savings are predicated on real transformative change
  • Where does authority for resources sit, as some reports may need to be referred to Council (initial home Executive; may be referred on based on members thinking)
  • With regards, Closer to Home report: here are all the things we are doing around shifting the balance of care and here are the savings members have seen in the BP
  • Redrafted Closer to Home will become a template for the rest of the reports
  • Think carefully about the recommendations in each of the reports
  • SPR is no more; now the Property Implementation Plan


  • Dashboard for Priority Projects and working on dashboards for service reviews. Hoping to get it out alter today. Ask that Directors take a look at it and make sure you are comfortable with it
  • Performance pages on website will go live on Monday, 23 August
  • The dashboards for each service will be added to the pages before the Scrutiny Committee in early September

Next meeting - 3 September