The proportionate use of annual leave is important from a wellbeing perspective and all employees, including those working from home, have been encouraged to use a proportionate amount of leave entitlement over the course of the calendar year where this is possible.

Last year, specific leave carry over arrangements were in place in recognition of the fact that keyworkers may have had leave requests refused or employees may have delayed the taking of the majority of leave due to lockdown arrangements.

As lockdown arrangements were lifted, carry over arrangements this year will be as follows:

  • Essential/keyworkers where, due to service demand, leave requests have been refused/unable to be accommodated - Services can allow a carry forward of leave of up to 20 days untaken leave (pro-rata) into the 2022 leave year in extreme situations where leave requests have been refused or unable to be accommodated due to the need to maintain essential service delivery
  • All other employees –It is anticipated that employees will use their leave as normal and usual carry over arrangements will apply (up to 5 days pro rata with management agreement). Managers may approve the carry over of up to 10 days (pro-rata) into the 2022 leave year in exceptional circumstances.