Bold colours and open plan working … the transformation of a former call centre into a modern and efficient council office nears completion.

From team breakout spaces to quiet pods, touchdown points to open plan working, the Foundry is the polar opposite to some of our outdated buildings and heralds a new era in how we will work.

Significant time and effort have been invested in the design of the new office space, with teams working together to create a space that will encourage collaboration and inclusivity.

banks for desks

The bold colours and new furniture make clear how we once worked, sat at the same desk in the same room beside the same people each and every day, is not how we will work once restrictions on office working lift and hybrid working becomes the norm.

sunken meeting room

Instead, the layout gives us multiple options – from working side-by-side with teammates or beside those we don't yet know to working alone away from the crowd.

break out area

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New working environment

All 22 teams that have a designated space in the Foundry have now visited the building to complete an induction led by our Office Transformation team.

The aim of the visits was to help teams familiarise themselves with the layout of the office, including where they can base themselves should they choose to spend time in the office once restrictions ease and new working practices come into play next year.

It was also an opportunity to get ID badges reset to gain access to the building as well as ask questions and get answers from the team that helped turn the idea of the Foundry into a reality.

Restricted use

Foundry exterior

Although we are working towards a hybrid model of working, and teams have completed an induction now, it doesn’t mean they can move in lock, stock, and barrel. Until Scottish Government guidance says otherwise, use of the Foundry will be restricted.

Until then, and like all other council buildings, only those with permission from their manager will be able to work in the Foundry once their ID badge is reset. Desks will need to booked via the desk booking app on Inside Falkirk before arriving on site.


HR has created a Foundry handbook to provide teams with essential information about the Foundry including opening hours, canteen facilities and vending, parking and bike storage, COVID measures and much more.

ICT has also created a guide to the Modern Workplace, which explains how workstations are set up and how to use different types of IT that will be available in the building.

Both documents are 'living’ which means changes will be made and new information added as restrictions ease and new processes and policies come into play.

To read the handbook and ICT guidance visit the Employee section of Inside Falkirk and click on The Foundry Staff Guidance.

Another breakout area