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The Provost’s 2021 Christmas Appeal has raised £2,325 for local children, young people and families facing hardship this festive season.

Through fundraising platform JustGiving, the 2021 appeal smashed its target of £1,500.

With support from Falkirk Council staff, the annual festive fundraiser relies on the goodwill of Council employees, elected members and people in the local area to help ease festive pressures on families in need.

What happens next?

Money raised will go towards toys, foods and other gifts for less fortunate children, young people and families in the Falkirk area – some of whom may not have anything on Christmas Day.

Your support will directly help local people, like mum Caitlin (names have been changed):

“I am telling my three children that Santa likes to recycle toys and that he wants to be environmentally friendly as I can't afford new toys this year.?

"I am hoping to get some second-hand toys from charities."

And parents like Nikki & Paul:

“Our take-home pay isn’t a lot. We do manage to pay the weekly bills leaving us with little to spare. 

"We always worry about birthdays and Christmas.”

Provost thanks

Thanking supporters for their generosity, Provost William Buchanan said:

“I would like to thank everyone who has contributed this year to the Provost’s Appeal.

“People don’t realise how much the money raised in this appeal helps the less fortunate in our communities at Christmas time.

“I’d like to wish the people of Falkirk a very happy Christmas, but more importantly, a very safe Christmas.”