Thursday 2 and Friday 3 June will be a four-day weekend to celebrate The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. The 2 May public holiday has been moved to 2 June and 3 June is an additional fixed day. Normal arrangements apply for the 2nd June (public holiday). Thursday 2 June should be requested as normal for part time workers whose working pattern includes a Thursday.

Calculating entitlement

The additional day (Friday 3 June) is a fixed day and no additional enhancements apply. Part time workers and those who don’t work on a Friday, are however entitled to a pro rata entitlement of the additional fixed day. Unlike the arrangements for public holidays, the entitlement for the fixed day has not been added to leave balances on MyView for the year. This means that entitlement for Friday 3 June/fixed day needs to be calculated. This also applies to those who work Monday to Friday, but work a different number of hours each day e.g. compressed hours.

The calculation for this is; 7.4 (FTE for 1 days leave) / 37 hours (FTE) X Working Hours per week = hours leave due on 3 June.

  • Example 1 - if you work 25 hours Monday – Thursday, you are entitled to 5 hours leave to be taken at a date agreed with your manager.
  • Example 2 – if you work 18.5 hours Wednesday – Friday, you are entitled to 3.7 hours leave on Friday 3rd June. If you work more than 3.7 hours on a Friday the balance of hours will come from your own annual leave entitlement.
  • Example 3 – if you work 30 hours Monday – Friday, you are entitled to 6 hours leave. If you work more than 6 hours on a Friday the balance of hours will come from your annual leave entitlement. If you work less than 6 hours, e.g., you work 3 hours on Friday, then you will be entitled to take the balance of hours at an alternative date.

If you have to work on 3 June

If you are required to work on 3 June 2022, you are entitled to take your leave entitlement on an alternative date subject to agreement with your manager.

Recording your leave on MyView

Given the exceptional nature of the additional day, which only applies to the 2022 leave year, a separate leave category has been created on MyView (paid special leave and then select Jubilee Holiday from the drop down box).

Part time employees should request the pro rata amount of leave for this additional day using this category which can be found under Paid Special Leave. Where necessary, the balance of hours should be made up by using/requesting normal annual leave.

If you require to submit annual leave to allow you to have the full day off, you need to make sure that your part day requests do not overlap each other. In example 2 above, if you work 7.4 hours on a Friday you would submit 3.7 hours special leave from 9am and then would submit 3.7 hours annual leave from 1pm.

Any hours being taken at an alternative date/time should be recorded on MyView under paid special leave/Jubilee Holiday.

Those who work Monday to Friday but different hours each day or work compressed hours, should follow the rules for part time employees.

Those who work full time/Monday to Friday/ same number of hours each day and are not required to work do not need to request any leave on MyView.