Here at Falkirk Council, Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) members have access to our valuable Shared Cost Additional Voluntary Contribution (Shared Cost AVC) employee benefit.

Our Shared Cost AVC scheme offers you a cost-efficient way to invest in your financial future. It enables you to top up your pension pot so you can look forward to a happy, financially healthy retirement.*

You'll make savings in Income Tax and National Insurance contributions on the money paid into your pot, making this a very valuable way to save for retirement, meaning you could potentially retire earlier or with more money.

You could even withdraw your Shared Cost AVC plan 100% tax-free at retirement!†

To learn more about Shared Cost AVCs, please register on our Shared Cost AVC website.

You'll have access to a wide range of resources to help you learn more:

  • Attending a free 20-minute individual meeting with an AVC Wise retirement expert
  • Access to the FAQs and Ts & Cs documents
  • The Knowledge Hub, which houses the retirement calculator and bitesize videos

To contact AVC Wise directly, please email, call 01252 959 779 or visit to use the live chat service.

Please note this scheme is not open to Teachers or Elected Members due to Pension Scheme regulations.

You may wish to seek independent financial advice from your preferred advisor.

*The value of an investment can go down as well as up.

†Dependent on the combined value of other LGPS benefits.