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SJC Pay Award 2022/23 Additional Day's Leave Arrangement

The SJC 2022/23 pay award included an additional day of annual leave. Arrangements have now been made for the additional day of leave (pro rata, as appropriate) to be added to the MyView leave balance for 2022. It is appreciated that there may be limited scope for employees to use up this additional day before the end of the current leave year (December). To allow some flexibility, employees will be able to carry this additional day over to the 2023 leave year, meaning the maximum number of days that may be exceptionally carried forward, with approval, into the 2023 leave year will be 6 days.

The additional day (pro rata) will continue to be reflected in normal annual leave balances showing on MyView in leave years going forward.

For Term Time staff, in line with the national agreement, employees will be able to take, with approval, one day’s leave (pro rata) during Term Time. This will reduce the number of working days, with the option of taking the day flexibly on one of the agreed In Service days (generally excluding August). This will be subject to line manager approval and will support our wellbeing agenda. A new code will be set up in MyView to allow employees to request this additional days leave (pro rata) and further guidance will be issued on this for circulation in due course.

Where possible, all employees will have the flexibility to take this years additional day (pro rata) and next years entitlement up to and including December 2023. For Catering and Cleaning, 25th November 2022 has been nominated for the days entitlement for 2022. Each year, a day will be nominated from the inservice dates for both these groups.