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In March 2023, the Council took the decision to reduce the number of buildings the Council operates from in order to deliver financial savings that will contribute to the Council’s significant budget gap of £63m, reduce the number of buildings that are in poor condition and reduce the number of properties that are not energy efficient.

Known as the Strategic Property Review (SPR), it has highlighted buildings that are no longer economically viable and/or fit for modern service delivery.

Over the past few months, much work has been carried out in communities and with local and national organisations to identify if there is interest in taking over the properties through either an alternative delivery model or by a community asset transfer. Funding has also been agreed to bring the properties into a reasonable condition for transfer as required.

This work is continuing and a full updated report will be made in January 2024 to elected members outlining what properties have identified community asset transfer, alternative delivery model or an improved financial performance model. Those properties that have been unable to identify this, will close and mothballing will progress from 1 April 2024 for Phase 2 properties and 1 April 2025 for Phase 3 properties.

Employee Considerations

While a number of properties will be progressing with an asset transfer, alternative delivery model or improved financial performance, some will not, and this will have implications for employees who may be involved in the running of these facilities.

Work has already taken place with trade unions. Employees who may be directly affected have been updated separately on the proposals and future meetings will be arranged with them as part of a formal consultation process. 

A list outlining the proposed approach regarding each of the properties included in the SPR will be issued to directly affected staff in advance of the publication of the Council report. 

Managers will continue to offer affected employees support and a further update will follow the meeting in January 2024.