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Falkirk Council’s investment across its services during 2023/24 is expected to be around £47m (excluding Housing investment).

In a report to Falkirk Council’s Executive meeting next week (16 January), the Chief Financial Officer Ms Amanda Templeman will present a projection report to elected members that highlights multiple areas of expenditure to support the delivery of the Council’s priorities, such as:

  • Creating stronger and healthier communities including £3.6m on roads, £1.9m on sports and leisure and £0.5m to adult social work facilities
  • Education investment and reducing inequalities including £2.2m for school extensions, £1m in technology in schools and £0.9m in Early Years expansion.
  • Economic investment and Green transition with £2.1m on town centre regeneration, £6.1m for Denny Eastern Access Road and £1.8m for Carbon reduction and energy efficiency.

Financing for this investment mainly came from borrowing, Scottish Government grants and other external funding.

In addition, Falkirk Council’s Housing Service is also expected to invest more than £70m in:

  • Nearly £23m on new build housing
  • £20m spent on new windows and doors
  • £7.6m invested in improvement works to the external fabrics of properties
  • More than £4m on kitchen and bathroom replacements

Amanda Templeman, Chief Finance Officer said: “The Council faces major financial challenges currently and in the coming years. The Council must balance those financial challenges with the investment required to continue to deliver the best possible services.

“Our report outlines to members what measures we are taking to try to achieve this, and we hope they welcome this approach.”