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Pictured l to r: Dennis Goldie; Billy Buchanan; Jim Johnston; Provost Robert Bissett; Alec Fowler

Four former Provosts and Falkirk’s current Provost came together for a unique event that marks the installation of six former ‘Provost Lamps’ outside Callendar House in Falkirk earlier this month.
The ornate lamps were first used by Burgh Councils in the 1880s across Central Scotland and were situated outside the Provost’s home.  
As the chief magistrate of the local burgh, a Provost was often required to be contacted at any hour of the day or night and the lamps made them easier to locate. 
They acted as an insignia of the office and indicated the honour in which the office-bearer was held.  
When no longer in use, six of the lamps were installed outside of the former Municipal Buildings site in West Bridge Street, Falkirk when it was erected in 1966. 
As the site was being demolished in 2023, the project team rescued the lampposts, and it was decided to install them outside Callendar House.
Provost Robert Bissett explained: “These lampposts are part of our local heritage and were found across the many different communities across the now Falkirk Council area.
“It is thought that one even ended up in the United States outside well-known philanthropist Robert Dollar’s home in California.”
“It’s great to see them outside Callendar House and definitely adds to the historical heritage of our area.”