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Braes High School recently underwent a comprehensive HMI inspection which showcased the school’s commitment to providing high quality learning experiences for all pupils.

The inspection took place in November 2023 and looked at learning, teaching and assessment and the school’s successful drive to raise attainment and achievement.

The report was published in January 2024 with exceptional achievements across multiple themes including learning and engagement, teaching quality, creating a positive climate for learning with high standards in numeracy and literacy.

The inspection team found the following strengths in the school’s work:

  • The headteacher and staff have very successfully developed and maintained a strong culture of support and working together with young people resulting in highly motivated pupils
  • Young people’s learning and experiences are enhanced by creative and extensive use of digital technology across the school
  • Young people benefit from a very extensive range of activities and programmes which support wider achievement within the school
  • Young people demonstrate very strong attainment, especially in literacy and numeracy.

Councillor Ian Sinclair, spokesperson for Education said: “The inspection findings reinforce Braes High School’s commitment to continuous improvement and providing an enriching learning environment for all pupils. The school will continue to build on its strengths to ensure every learner receives the learning and support required for success.”

Braes High Head Teacher Iain Livingstone emphasised the importance of team and partnership working in response to the HMI inspection report. He said: “The inspection findings highlight the collaborative efforts of our entire school community at Braes High. Young people, parents/carers and colleagues have worked well together to successfully develop and maintain a strong culture of support and it is pleasing to see our highly motivated pupils being recognised, along with their high levels of attainment and achievement”.

The inspection team praised staff for their very good knowledge of young people and how the school recognises and celebrates young people’s success. Inspectors also highlighted the strong leadership skills developed by pupils through the commendable range of achievements across the school, noting that young people are proud of their school and feel valued and supported.