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Following an independent structural engineer’s inspection of the swimming pool at Bo’ness Recreation Centre on Thursday 29 February 2024, a decision has been taken to close the pool with immediate effect to ensure both customers and staff are protected from the health and safety risks posed.

This follows on from an earlier building surveyor report presented to elected members in January 2024 highlighting the building was rated as a ‘D’ being categorised as  “life expired and/or serious risk of imminent failure; risk of injury”.

The external structural engineers have found significant deterioration in the pool’s structural integrity with the report stating that:

‘Water was observed to be seeping through the pool wall to the full perimeter of the ‘deep end’ of the pool, including the public corridor on the east side.

‘It is recommended that the pool water be immediately drained down to remove load from the wall and that in the interim period, access within the plant room corridor is prohibited.’

At this stage, it is unclear how long the pool will be unusable.

Head of Invest Falkirk, Paul Kettrick said: “It is unfortunate that we have had to close the pool, but customer and employee safety must come first.

“The report is clear in that it states the condition of some of the concrete is poor and that water is leaking at several points leading to the conclusion that we have to close the pool with immediate effect.”

We have informed staff and will be in contact directly with customers who have scheduled bookings.