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Another significant milestone in Falkirk Council's plans to boost the local economy and help the area transition to Net Zero has been reached with the approval of the full £140m Growth Deal.

At a meeting of the Executive today (Tuesday, 5 March), Councillors gave the green light to submit the comprehensive document, which outlines how the Council will manage and deliver 10 projects and the Greener Grangemouth programme that make up the Deal, to the UK and Scottish governments.

Together the projects funded through the Deal aim to improve infrastructure and encourage sustainable development, ultimately encouraging growth and bringing prosperity to everyone who lives in the Falkirk area.

Projects such as the new Falkirk Town Hall, Scottish Canal Centre at Loch 16, and the new Art Park aim to breathe new life into public spaces and create hubs for culture and community, while the Greener Grangemouth will promote community wellbeing.

The Rail and Transport Hub and Green Cycle and Pedestrian Network aim to boost the area’s active travel credentials and a new sustainable manufacturing campus is set to position the area as a world-leader in innovation and green tech.

The Skills Transition Centre and the Transport, Renewable and Career Exploration Hub projects will provide local industry with the skills needed to support the transition to Net Zero, and inward investment will be encouraged through a project that will unlock unused land to support industrial growth.

The Council expects to sign the final agreement with the governments by the end of June, which would allow projects to get underway this July.

By backing the Growth Deal, Councillors pave the way for significant funding and support which includes £80m of government capital funding and £12m of revenue funding for Greener Grangemouth, as well as £45m from the Council and £5.8m from Scottish Canals.

The Council believes the deal will create up to 2,000 jobs and attract £1bn of future investment over the next decade.

Cecil Meiklejohn, Leader of Falkirk Council, said:

"This is a pivotal moment for the Falkirk area. The Growth Deal represents a bold vision for the future, one that prioritises economic prosperity alongside environmental sustainability. With the approval of the full Growth Deal today, we are committing to tangible action that will shape the lives of our residents for years to come. I am confident that this partnership between government, educational institutions, and industry will pave the way for a brighter, more prosperous future for all."

Credit: Aerial image of the Falkirk area courtesy of Scotdrone.