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The Safer Recruitment Working Group agree which conviction check is most suitable for each job title.

For posts that require PVG membership, person specifications should state "maintain PVG Scheme membership" and job descriptions should include a statement under the demands section as follows: "This job requires contact with vulnerable groups, therefore you will require to gain/maintain PVG Scheme membership".

For posts that require Disclosure checks, the person specifications should state "satisfactory disclosure check" in the essential criteria.

When recruiting to vacant posts requiring PVG/Disclosure, a screening question is included in the application form. Candidates will also be advised at this stage of the payment arrangements.

Confirmation of identity

Three forms of ID are required which, as a minimum, should confirm the candidate's date of birth, national insurance number and current address, for example, photocard or paper (not counterpart) driving licence, passport, utility bill, rental agreement/mortgage, or bank statement.

Original identity documents, not copies, should be checked at interview and the recruiting manager should ensure that these are valid on the date of check, if applicable. Utility bills should be provided from a period within the previous 3 months and should be addressed to the candidate. The Recruitment Checklist (External and SSSC) or Recruitment Checklist (internal excl. SSSC) must be completed, confirming which documents have been checked.

Recruitment Checklist - External Candidates & All SSSC posts
Recruitment Checklist - Internal Candidates exc SSSC posts

Evidence provided of the candidate's identity should be checked and compared against the details provided on the recruitment application form.

For Basic Disclosure Checks, the applicant can either apply online themselves and pay the cost upfront or they can apply using an application form that we will send to them and they return to us to process on their behalf.

For Basic Disclosure Checks only, copies of identity documents should be made and sent to Disclosure Scotland along with the disclosure application form. As there is only one copy of the certificate issued, normal practice is to use a care of (c/o) address for the current address field so that the certificate is returned to the countersignatory rather than the candidate.

A consent form must be completed by the candidate and sent to Disclosure Scotland with the application form. There is no requirement to send copies of ID documents to Disclosure Scotland for any other type of application.

Basic Disclosure consent form

Please contact HR if you are unsure about combinations of documents. Photographic ID should be provided where possible.

PVG Scheme

Employees must hold PVG membership for the regulated workforce they are working with

New employees

  • Candidates who are already scheme members and working within the same regulated workforce will be required to obtain a short scheme record update. Where new conviction information is identified, a full scheme record will be provided by Disclosure Scotland. (Cost £18)
  • Candidates who are already scheme members but required to work with a different regulated workforce, will be required to join the scheme for that particular group. (Cost £59)
  • Candidates who are not already scheme members will be required to submit an application to join the PVG scheme. (Cost £59)

Existing employees

  • Employees who are not already scheme members, who apply for a post within a regulated workforce will be required to submit an application to join the PVG scheme. (Cost £59)
  • Employees who are already PVG scheme members through their existing employment with Falkirk Council who apply for a post within the same regulated workforce do not require to do a further PVG check. Managers should however make sure that the relevant details are recorded on the Council's HR/Payroll system.
  • In exceptional cases, a further update/record can be required as part of a risk assessment process.
  • Employees who are already PVG scheme members but who apply for a job within a different regulated workforce will be required to join the scheme for that particular regulated group. (Cost £59)

Leaving employment

  • It is the responsibility of the individual to notify Disclosure Scotland if they leave employment with Falkirk Council.
  • HR will notify Disclosure Scotland every 6 months of those who have left employment to ensure we do not receive updated information.

Disclosure checks

A disclosure certificate would be required for all external candidates where this is required for the post. (Cost £25)

Where an existing employee applies for an internal post, a new disclosure is only required if there is a change in the level of disclosure required for the new post.

Completed disclosure & PVG application forms

Disclosure and PVG application forms are available from the local Business Support team for each office or from Disclosure Scotland.

Managers must send the relevant Disclosure/PVG application form and payroll form to the candidate with the recommendation for appointment letter. Candidates must be asked to complete these and return in a sealed envelope. If ID has not been checked at interview the candidate must be asked to bring this in before the application can be sent.

Once these have been returned they must be signed by a relevant Countersignatory. As such, managers should send the Disclosure Scotland application form, signed mandate and ID verification form to the HR Helpdesk for countersigning and processing. This applies to all services except Children's Services and Social Work Adult Services who should return this to the Staffing & Recruitment Team.