Latest update

A range of actions to reduce single use plastic is to be introduced by Falkirk Council with immediate effect (25 September) in a bid to reduce to harmful impact on wildlife, marine life and the wider environment.

The agreement will see Falkirk Council stop buying specific plastic items, look at alternative products and continue to reuse wherever possible plastic materials they already have.

Single use plastic can include any disposable plastic items which are designed to be used only once.

Falkirk Council has drawn up a number of actions it is taking to deal with the problem including:

  • Stopping all purchases of drinking straws and stirrers (paper straws will be available in exceptional circumstances)
  • Removal of plastic cups and use of reusable containers promoted
  • Alternatives to plastic plates and cutlery to be sourced from other suppliers
  • 'Polypockets’ no longer purchased, with stocks re-used and digital storage encouraged
  • Alternative food storage containers such as pasta, fruit and salad pots to be sourced

Councillor Paul Garner, spokesperson for the Environment said: “Single use plastic materials have a significant detrimental effect on the environment and by introducing these measures we hope that we can contribute to a growing world campaign against their use.

“We believe that we are the first Council in Scotland to take this decision with immediate affect.”

“There are alternatives available that are more environmentally friendly however we would always aim to encourage a reduction in use or reuse wherever possible.

“We will be writing to our suppliers explaining our decision, stressing that we want to work with them to find alternatives to plastic products and seeking their support to follow the Council’s example.”