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The Catering team is leading the charge to remove single use plastics from the Council’s canteens.

Single use cups will no longer be provided for tea, coffee and soups - but the good news is new Eco to Go reusable cups will be on sale in the Municipal Buildings and Abbotsford House canteens.

Costing only £3, the reusable cups are made from 80% rice husk and 20% plant resin – and made entirely from renewable resources.

About 125 million tonnes of rice husks are produced each year as an agricultural by-product, the ECO to Go cup sees part of this waste diverted from incineration to make reusable cups instead. Naturally insulating, the ECO to Go cup is dishwasher and microwave safe.

The Council has made a commitment to reduce the volume of single use plastic used in offices, canteens and meeting rooms. Metal spoons and stirrers will replace plastics, whilst water jugs and glasses will replace plastic cups. Plastic cutlery use is being reviewed in schools. 

Sound good?

It gets better – while helping to reduce single use plastics you can save money too!

Eco to-go cups are on sale at cost price (£3). And when you buy the cup you’ll get a 25p discount voucher for a hot drink or soup... and a 10p discount every time you use the cup in one of the canteens.

Please support the Reuse and Refill campaign to end single use plastics.

I already have a reusable cup at home, can I use it?  Yes. The 10p discount will still apply – but we do ask that the cup is clean.

What if my own reusable cup is mega big? Customers will still qualify for the 10p discount, however the coffee or tea served will be the equivalent volume of the Eco Cup.

What would be the take away refillable price for soup if served in an Eco 2 Go cup? As the refillable cup is slightly bigger than our current polystyrene cups the refillable price for soup will be £1.20 – minus 10p discount = £1.10