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The Next Generation Contact Centre received nearly 76,300 calls in October and answered 81% within just 120 seconds. 

No calls received an engaged tone and 34% of callers selected to be put directly through to the desired service via self-selection.

Of the 50,069 calls looking to speak with a call centre representative, 7% either chose to self-serve or hang up, with the remaining 46,616 calls answered by a call centre adviser. The average wait time was just 76 seconds and call handlers each dealt with an average 153.5 calls per day throughout the month.

For MECS calls, the 12,449 calls made in October were all answered within six seconds, beating the target set by the Telecare Service Association of 97.5% of calls answered within 60 seconds.

Of all calls regarding payments for the likes of rent, Council Tax and fines, 89% of these calls were answered within 90 seconds.

Ian Whitelaw, Customer & Business Support Team Leader, said: “Since we went live it is fair to say, month-on- month, we are providing significant improvements to service delivery for all council services.”