Significant work and progress continues to be made by the Council to ensure that the appropriate infrastructure and capacity is in place to deliver 1140 hours of early learning and childcare provision by August 2020.

Plans are in place to have 26 projects completed by February 2020 – providing 1140 hour capacity for approximately 1,500 2-5 year olds.

Members at the Council's Education Executive on Tuesday (26/3) received an update on the major projects underway across the Falkirk Council area and agreed a range of proposals supporting the Council’s early learning and childcare expansion plans.

Seven major projects are currently at the design and specification phase, they include:

  • Hallglen ELC centre – this c.£2.3 million establishment will deliver a brand new early learning centre which will include an on-site production kitchen providing meals for several other centres
  • Callendar Business Park Nursery – internal and external work is planned to enable this facility to open later this year.
  • Victoria – plans are in place to increase the capacity and some internal and external work will take place during the summer.

A further three projects will also start earlier than planned at Camelon ELC Centre, Denny ELC Centre and Wallacestone Primary School and officers are supporting early year Partner Providers to phase in the implementation of 1140 hours from August.

Councillor Adanna McCue, spokesperson for Education said: “Major progress has been made to deliver the Government’s commitment to increase the number of early learning hours from 600 to 1140 by 2020.

“We are already offering 1140 hours in some of our establishments and we are well on track to deliver this significant increase in hours to all pre-school aged children by August 2020.

“While the additional infrastructure associated with the expansion is moving forward at a pace, our early learning and childcare workforce is also growing. By August 2020 it is planned to recruit staff to fill an estimated 75 posts. In addition our successful Modern Apprenticeship scheme has also been highly effective with 29 modern apprentices already having been appointed to early learning and childcare posts”