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Our communities rely on our support especially when they are really struggling.  One of the ways we can offer practical help is through our advice services (Welfare Benefits and Debt).

In the last year alone the team helped more than 3500 clients.  These clients saw their income collectively increase by £8.1m and they received advice and support to address £7.2m of debt.  Accuracy of the advice given is critical and it is important to reassure the public they are getting the best information possible.

The team has recently achieved a national accreditation provided by Scottish Government.  The accreditation covers all aspects of the service, including a thorough review of the advice provided.

Team Manager George Paul explained: “Achieving the accreditation means that the level of service that we provide is of the highest quality and this allows us to make a real difference to our client’s lives.

Everyone in the team is rightly proud of the work they do as  they help families and individuals in the most difficult of circumstances. The accreditation encourages us to adopt a culture of continuous improvement for our advice work.”

Person holding certificate is Allyson Duffy (Debt Advice Officer). Allyson along with Anna Dick and Kenny Bowie (not pictured) were instrumental in achieving this certificate