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Our first digital strategy approved in 2019, laid down our digital ambitions and acknowledged digital transformation would only happen with vision, culture and commitment.  Little did we realise a global pandemic would fast-track our thinking.

Utilising what we’ve learnt during the crisis, our follow up strategy Digital Falkirk, sets out how we can digitally enhance services to better meet the needs of our employees and our communities across the Council area as we start to look to the future and a new normal.

The strategy covers a number of themes including innovation; connectivity; enterprise and communities and how they all are enhanced by a digital approach.

Future development is planned in digital work including in mobile and flexible working, artificial intelligence and enabling communities to make the most from digital.

Karen Algie, Head of People, Technology & Transformation said: “Digital transformation is changing how we do things in all aspects of our lives and is bringing improvements to everyone. The strategy gives an outline of how we are transforming in Falkirk Council and what it will mean for our communities.”