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You can help the people of Ukraine by donating to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Falkirk Council has unanimously agreed to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

At a meeting of Council on Wednesday 2 March, a motion was put forward to express support for Ukraine and its people and condemn the acts of war.

All councillors voted to pass the motion.

The motion reads:

Falkirk stands in solidarity with Ukraine

"We condemn the actions taken by Vladimir Putin and his government, in the unprovoked act of war unleashed on the sovereign nation of Ukraine, giving rise to dark days ahead for the people of  Ukraine, but also perilous times for Europe and the rest of the world.

"We in Falkirk stand together and send a clear message to the people of Ukraine, including those who have already made Scotland or elsewhere in the UK, their home.

"It is imperative that the international community stands united in solidarity with continued decisive sanctions imposed on Putin’s destructive regime, to discourage further aggressive actions, and to clearly demonstrate that the course of action they have chosen will bring with it significant negative consequences.

"All parties must also continue to press for a diplomatic solution that brings this invasion to an end as quickly, and with as little suffering, as possible.

"We further call for the UK Government to urgently implement measures to allow any Ukrainian refugee who wishes to come to the UK to seek sanctuary, the right to do so. There should be an immediate lifting of visa requirements  to enable refugees to enter the UK mirroring the approach other countries are taking. Falkirk stands ready to support this, as we do for all refugees fleeing, war, persecution and terror, across the globe.

"Council commends the efforts of our communities across Falkirk District who have already begun to collect donations of essential items to send to those who have been affected by the conflict."

Earlier this week, Falkirk landmarks The Kelpies and the Falkirk Wheel were lit up in the colours of the Ukrainian flag as a show of support.

How you can help

Donate to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

The Red Cross is helping in Ukraine by: 

  • Providing food, warm clothing and other aid to around 8,000 people sheltering in metro stations.
  • Providing first aid training for 1,000 people in metro stations and bomb shelters
  • Supporting fire fighters, medical and civil protection units
  • Taking people to hospital, transporting medical supplies and helping at blood donation points
  • Supporting hospitals and primary healthcare facilities with medicines and medical equipment
  • Helping families to stay in contact, and educating people on international humanitarian law, and on risks of explosives
  • Repairing vital infrastructure such as water stations supplying over 1 million people

Images courtesy of David Wilkinson/Scotdrone.