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Image: Grangemouth Town Hall will host the drop-in session

Residents and businesses in Grangemouth are invited to take part in a transport study this week which will help shape future development of transport investment proposals.

An online survey will run for three weeks between Monday 18th March 2024 and Monday 8th April and will guide the future development of transport investment proposals. In addition, an in-person drop-in session will take place at Grangemouth Town Hall on Tuesday 19 March 2024 between 3pm and 7pm.

The first phase of the study will identify all the transport-related problems and opportunities experienced by people who live in Grangemouth or travel to the town alongside those faced by businesses located in the town.

This will be followed by the generation of a ‘long list’ of potential future transport improvement options for Grangemouth.

These will be wide-ranging and cover all transport methods including walking, wheeling, and cycling, public transport, road, rail (passenger and freight) and public transport.

Councillor Bryan Deakin, spokesperson for Climate Change said: “Falkirk Council has long recognised the transport challenges facing Grangemouth for residents, commuters and for businesses based locally.

“As part of this study, we would like to hear how people currently travel to, from and within Grangemouth and what people think about transport in and around the town and this will help us plan for potential future work.”