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Falkirk Council has adopted a soft approach to new pavement parking rules and will issue advisory notices to allow drivers time to understand and adapt to the change prior to any enforcement action being taken.

The new rules are a result of recent legislation which came into force on 11th December 2023 covering all of Scotland. The measure has been introduced to make it easier for pedestrians and people with mobility issues to safely use streets across the country.

From May 7th drivers parking on pavements or low verges across the Falkirk Council area will be given an advisory notice. Following that, in November 2024 any motorist parking on pavements will be given a fixed penalty notice for £100, dropping to £50 if paid within 14 days.

The new rules will make it safer for pedestrians and road users:

  • Parking on pavements prevents people from walking safely down streets and can be hazardous for people with disabilities or those pushing prams or buggies
  • Double parking can make it dangerous for vulnerable people to cross the road safely and prevents people in wheelchairs from crossing the road where vehicles are parked next to dropped kerbs.

national parking campaign has been in place to raise awareness of the new rules and the Council will run its own awareness raising campaign over the next few months and FAQs with more information can be found on the Council's website.

Council Leader Cecil Meiklejohn said: “Our pavements are vital pathways for pedestrians, especially those with mobility challenges. It's imperative that motorists park considerately to ensure safe passage for everyone.

“As we enforce the ban on pavement parking, double parking, and obstruction of dropped kerbs, we are prioritising the safety and convenience of all pedestrians and road user. While we aim to raise awareness and provide a grace period for adjustment, we must emphasise the importance of compliance. Let's pave the way for a safer, more inclusive environment for all."

All A & B class roads have been assessed with regards to exemptions with C and unclassified roads currently being reviewed on the most economical way to assess due to the scale.