The Household Support Fund aims to provide cash first support to low-income households and those at risk of the worst impacts of poverty, in line with Falkirk Council's poverty strategy and Child Poverty Action Plan.

Households must be referred to the fund by services or partner agencies, including the Advice and Support Hubs, Community Advice Services, Citizen's Advice or a Registered Social Landlord. By doing so, as well as providing vital support, the fund aims to encourage uptake of support around income maximisation, money and debt advice and employability.

Eligible households will receive a payment based on the number of people within their household.

What makes someone eligible?

To be eligible for support from the Household Support Fund the individual must be:

  • 16 years old or over and resident in the Falkirk Council area, and in receipt of a qualifying benefit:
    • Council Tax Reduction (CTR)
    • Housing Benefit
    • Universal Credit
    • Income Support/Income-based Job Seekers Allowance/Income related Employment and Support Allowance
  • or have an equivalent low income
  • or have a Young Person’s Council Tax Exemption
  • or have no recourse to public funds

How much support will they receive?

A one-off payment will be made based on the household of the individual being referred. In this context, a household includes the individual’s partner and any family residing with the individual, but not individuals who reside together but who are not in a relationship (eg. friends sharing a property).

Any groups or organisations who support or are aware of someone who might benefit from this fund are asked to encourage them to get in touch with their housing officer or a support agency such as the Advice and Support Hubs, Community Advice Services, Citizen's Advice or their Registered Social Landlord.

Alternatively, for further information or queries, contact the Support for People team by email: