Glasgow will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) on 31 October – 12 November 2021. Over 200 world leaders will gather to discuss and approve plans for a cleaner, greener and safer planet. Countries are being asked to commit to further cuts to carbon emissions by 2030, and to reach net zero by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement and UN climate process. COP26 Goals has more information about the targets set.

Scotland has committed to reducing its emissions by 90% with the aim of reaching net zero by 2045 at the latest. Each of us has a part to play in our production of carbon and our impact on the planet. That's why, in the run up and aftermath of the COP26 summit, we'll be working closely with businesses, community groups, schools and residents across Falkirk as part of our engagement and dedication on reducing waste and promoting recycling.

What Waste Services are doing to support COP 26

  1. Participating in SHOP26, a large event in Falkirk Town Centre on 05 & 06 November 2021 promoting local business and green choices.
  2. We have launched a school Refuse Collection Vehicles artwork competition to feature the key message of why recycling is good for the planet.
  3. Promoting waste reduction and increased waste recycling
  4. Climate Change related posts on our Social Media account – Take Pride in Falkirk.
  5. Linking with schools to deliver a sustainable education programme. Additionally we are participating in the St Mungo's cluster school group COP26 conference on 12 November 2021
  6. Working with local businesses to promote waste reduction and increased recycling – saving money whilst contributing to reducing carbon impact
  7. Launching the Clean My Space - recognising the efforts of individuals, businesses and community groups in keeping their environment litter and waste free.

What you can do

1kg of food waste sent to landfill is the equivalent of recycling 1,250 plastic bottles and 1kg general waste sent to landfill is the equivalent of recycling 1,000 plastic bottles (500ml plastic drinks bottle).

Waste is one of the biggest contributors to your carbon footprint so minimising your waste where possible helps reduce carbon emissions and is a step to a greener future.

Recycle more

Household waste can be recycled and materials can be given a new lease of life. Make the most of your kerbside collections by separating your waste and reducing the amount of unnecessary packaging you purchase. Be Great and Separate - check what you can and should be putting in each bin.

Reduce single use plastics

To reduce the amount of plastic you use, make some single use plastic swaps such as using shampoo bars and reusable menstrual products. Consider buying reusable mugs and cups when out and about to reduce the waste that you produce. More examples on waste reduction can be found on our Reduce, repair and reuse page.

Plan your meals to avoid food waste

An average family of 4 can save £60 a month simply by reducing the amount of food they throw away. Visit Love Food Hate Waste for more information and handy tips on how to shop smart and reduce your food waste.

Donate and buy second hand

Donate good quality items to charity shops when you no longer have a use for them. Consider buying second hand from local charities or local marketplaces for items such as clothes, furniture and household items. This helps local people in need and benefits the environment. For more information visit the National re-use line. Also consider using local social media groups or websites such as Gumtree to sell or donate your unwanted items.

Repair and fix items

You can learn to repair stuff yourself by participating in workshops organised by community groups. For instance Forth Environment Link runs wood, textile and furniture upcycling workshops. Lots of resources are also available online, including YouTube videos.

Otherwise, have a look at the Sustainable Falkirk Map to find repair shops in the area who have the skills to fix anything from phones to clothes.

Keep your community clean

Litter is a wasted resource. Many litter items can be recycled in the kerbside collection. Reduce litter in your local community by using the litter bins available or by taking your items home. There's approximately 1,450 litter bins across Falkirk.

Dog fouling is a health risk and causes frustration within the community. Join the Green Dog Walkers campaign and be a responsible dog walker who picks up their dog's waste.

Report litter, dog fouling and fly-tipping – that way we can identify hot spots and work alongside residents to keep the streets clean.

Get involved

Litter picks are a fantastic way to keep the community clean and tidy. Get involved by organising your own community litter pick. If you need additional information about your nearest community group or help with organising a litter pick, email us at wasteservices@falkirk, You can also check out what's happening on our Facebook page.